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How to Generate ideas for Whatsapp Marketing Campaign

Now that you have bought Sampark Setu for your business, you can now take leverage of Its Campaign feature to nurture your leads.
But are you struggling to create messages for your WhatsApp Campaigns,then this article is for you. 

"I don’t have time to think about the content part, since I am involved in a lot of other works”.

If you are an entrepreneur and if you have been using the above phrase as a reason for not being able to create a campaign message, then you should watch my below video first.

I always say, As A Business Owner & An Entrepreneur, an owner should only have two primary roles & responsibilities. Innovation & Marketing.

The day-to-day activities of successful entrepreneur should include everything around Marketing and Innovation.

“As a owner, if you are involved in any other work other than above two roles, than you are bound to fail in the long term”.

Now that you know your primary roles as an owner, (I am assuming you have watched the above video). Let us now look at one common mistake people make during the “Thinking Stage” of Campain Message Creation.

Many customers during their thinking process of Campaign Message creation, look for creating Perfect Message Copy or look for creating a perfect Image/video. 

“There is a popular saying, Perfectionism Kills Creativity”.

One thing you should know is, “You are not the best copywriter or image editor nor do you have the budget to hire the best designers or writers for this job”. And Neither your customer is expecting the best content & design from you. 

“Stop thinking about creating a perfect content”

But this still leaves your question unanswered, What you should send in WhatsApp Message Campaigns?

To get the ideas for content, you should Call Atleast 25 Existing customers of yours and ask them “Why they bought your Product”. Now you must be thinking, “I am looking to approach new prospects, why are you suggesting me to approach my existing customers?”. 

I am very much aware of what I am suggesting, this is how I get most ideas for my content.

When you will ask your existing customers about “Why they bought your product”, you will get two kinds of answers.

1. Good sides of your product.

2. Bad side of your product.

All the good stuff, your customers would list about your products, will become your Marketing Material. (This will enable you to play your first role as an owner, i.e. Marketer).

And all the bad stuff, your customer would list about your products are going to be improvement areas for your product. Through this, you will get a lot of ideas for improvement. (This will enable you to play the second role as an owner, i.e. Innovator)

And Let me clear this, It’s not going to be easy for you to get the feedback of your customer. And do not look to automate this process through emails or google forms or anything.You will get the best inputs on Call.

So don’t waste too much time in thinking about a perfect Message Copy. There is one popular dialogue from the Movie “Khuda Gawah”

“सोच गेहरी हो जाए … तो फैसला कमजोर हो जाते हैं”.

If the thinking becomes deep, then the judgment becomes weak.

As you will start sharing your Content, with time, some practice, and feedback from your customers, your content will get better day by day.

If you have read this article till here, let me know in the comment section,  how much helpful you found this Article.


  1. Hello Limeshbhai this a guideline to start writing messages for campaigns easily. Speaking to customers is a NEW idea all together. Till now though I had lot of conversations with customers this type of question has never come up and was asked

    Thanks for your guidance

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