Sampark Setu


Most frequent questions and answers
No as of now, this App is available for Android only. In future, when available, we will notify on our website.
SMS, Email and even Calls are available in the Sampark Setu Campaigns.
As of now, only Mobile App is available. But in the near future, the Web interface will be available for management and configuration purpose.
Your subscription is tied with your Mobile Number. One subscription can be used on one Mobile Device only.
Yes, your data is safe. We don’t use your data for any kind of marketing purpose. We don’t even share this data with any third party for further marketing and syndication. For more details refer privacy policy.
Yes, you may use the variables (like first name, last name, etc.) in the Message Templates. However, your Contact data needs to be very organised in order to use it. So use Variables with caution.
No, Sampark Setu allows only text messages (links are allowed).
No, don’t do that. Sampark Setu is designed to communicate with known people only.
Yes, you can change your device with your all app data.
No , we recommend owners to use the app rather than handing over to staff as the main purpose of the app is to build relationship which can be done more efficiently only when an owner uses it.
Yes , you can change your number after registration.
No that’s not possibile, at a time you can use our app only in one device.
Yes, you can switch between the apps but at a time only one app will work, you can not use it simultaneously.
No, whatsapp banned does not depends on the tool that you use but its depends on way you use.
Its based on reply response technology, it is not like AI based chatbot.
No, dual whatsapp is not working with app.
1. Read / Write Contact – for reading and write contact from the phonebook.
2. Read Call Log – Read all calls from the call list.
3. Read and Send SMS – for reading SMS and sent a new SMS.
4. Read phone status and identity(for calls and device details)
5. Read / Write External storage for Accessing storage – to maintain log files and Accessing media.
6.Accessibility Permission – to send the message.
7. Notification access service – to send auto reply on whatsApp ( or to using chatbot feature).
A device with the below configuration is necessary for installation
1. Android version 7 and above
2. Internal storage greater than 32 GB/64 GB
3. RAM greater than 3GB