Sampark Setu


Most frequent questions and answers

This App is only available for Android.

With Pro Version you can send unlimited campaign messages through Automation & Many More, check out our plan comparisions.
As of now, we only have Mobile App for Android Devices. Web Interface of Sampark Setu will be available soon.
With Single Subscription, you can use the App on One Mobile Device Only.

Yes, your data is Absolutely Safe. Read our privacy policy for more details.

Yes, you can use the variables (like first name, last name, etc.) in the Message Templates. Watch the mentioned video to know how it is done.

Yes, with Sampark Setu you can easily send Videos & Images through campaigns. Watch the mentioned video to see how it is done.
No, don’t do that. Sampark Setu is designed to communicate with known people only.
Yes, you can change your device with your all app data.

No , we recommend owners to use the app rather than handing over to staff. Watch the suggested video to know Why shouldn’t you give the responsibility of Managing WhatsApp Campaigns to your Assistant?

Yes , you can change your number after registration.
No that’s not possibile, at once you can use the app in only one device.
Chatbot feature can work on both the numbers. However, you can not run WhatsApp Campaign from both the numbers simultaneously.
Banning of your WhatsApp Number does not depend on tool, it depends on how you are using the tool.
In Sampark Setu, you can create Reply-Respond based chatbot. Since it is not based on AI, you don’t need any Coding Knowledge. Watch the mentioned video to see how chatbot is created in Sampark Setu.
No, it doen’t support WhatsApp Dual. To use two WhatsApp, you may use WhatsApp Messenger App and WhatsApp Business App.

Yes, inorder to use some key features & to run the application smoothly, you will have to allow few permissions to run the Application. Watch the mentioned video to know “What All permissions are required to run Sampark Setu”.

To Run the Application smoothly in your device. You will reqired an android devices with version 7.0 & above. Also, your device should have minimum 4 GB RAM and at least 64 GB internal Storage.