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Fulfill customer orders online on WhatsApp with Sampark Setu App. Improve customer engagement and boost online sales with upselling opportunities.
How it Works?

WhatsApp Automation Benefits for ecommerce Business

With Sampark Setu, you can

Run Multiple Campaigns to Drive Sales

Connect with your customers on WhatsApp using Smart Campaigns.

Categorize Leads using Tags Manager

Sort customers or leads data by interest, location, type, etc. using tags.

Automate Chats with Automation

Set up automated messages for Frequently Asked Questions.

Create Upsell Opportunities with Regular Engagement

Set up upsell campaigns for customers who have already bought from you.

Showcase Product Catalog on WhatsApp

Share product catalog, new stock, seasonal items on WhatsApp with Sampark Setu.

Automate Customer Support with WhatsApp

Offer customer support on WhatsApp for easy communication and quick response.

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What our Clients Say

Let’s hear it from our happy and satisfied Sampark Setu Users.
“Thanks to Team Sampark Setu who brought together such a product which we can use for marketing and get sales, staying connected with the customers, remind renewals. Awesome. I have been using it everyday. Believe me, it has helped me convert some orders just by using it. Thanks a ton, Sampark Setu makes by tomorrow Brighter, much Brighter. Thank You Team Sampark Setu.”
Jignesh Shah
WhatsApp eCommerce

Unify Customer Engagement and Increase Ecommerce Sales

Manage all customer communications from a single platform, i.e. Sampark Setu. Drive better engagement and boost sales online using WhatsApp conversations.
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