Things you must do immediately after buying Sampark Setu App.

A lot of people worry about “what they should immediately do” after buying certain software or tools. And possibly the same thought must have occurred to your mind when you purchased our tool. It’s quite natural, nothing to worry about.

To your rescue, we have created this “3 Step Guide” and these are not optional steps, these steps should be your first priority if you are looking to leverage the most out of this tool.

So here are 3 steps you must follow, immediately after buying the Sampark Setu App.

Step-1: Create a WhatsApp chatbot using sampark Setu:

The best part about the Sampark Setu App is “Not only does it auto-respond to clients’ queries, but also it is capable of understanding & capturing their intent”. 

Earlier, Whatsapp Chatbot inside Sampark Setu was created by defining rules, and these rules were defined, one by one in the rule engine. Now through readymade Excel templates, it’s going to get even easier for you to create a chatbot.

Now you can create a WhatsApp chatbot within 15 Minutes. Check out the below video to see how.

You must implement the chatbot into your business within 2 days of purchasing our tool. Don’t spend more time on thinking. 

Recall Amitabh Bachchan dialogue from Khuda Gawah “सोच गहरी हो जाए… तोह फैसले कमज़ोर हो जाते है”.

Meaning, “if the thoughts become deep … then the decisions become weak”.

Step-2: Promote your chatbot through the Sampark Setu’s Campaign:

Use Sampark Setu’s Campaign feature to promote your Chatbot. Make people aware of your chatbot through the first message of your campaign itself.

Through the next message of your campaign, you can gently remind people by asking them whether they have tried your chatbot or not.

Tip: Configure the chatbot in such a way that it requests people to type something to get more information. The more they converse with your chatbot, the more they will get accustomed to it. 

Step-3: Use other methods to promote your chatbot:

In one of our blog posts, we had suggested 14 different methods for promoting your chatbot.

14 Different Ways To Promote Chatbot (Chatbot Marketing Hacks)

People believe that Chatbot and Campaign features are the two most powerful features of our tool. But we believe, the most powerful feature of Our tool is, “its ability to capture people’s intent”. 

Because it is through these features, you get to know the true intents of the people. And in order to understand their intents, it’s important that people converse with your chatbot. And how on earth, people will converse with your chatbot if they don’t know about it.

And hence it is important for you to promote the chatbot. Use all 14 ways described in the above video to reach as many people. We hope you find this article helpful and in case you have any queries let us know in the comment section.