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Create a Campaign in 4 Simple Steps.

In this article, we will see the “4 Step process of creating campaigns inside Sampark Setu“.

Here are the 4 Steps,

STEP 1: Setting Campaign Name & Description.

STEP 2: Adding Tag.

STEP 3: Adding Templates & Setting intervals.

STEP 4: Sending Message through Automation.

STEP 1: Setting Campaign Name & Description.

First of all, open the campaign module of the Sampark Setu app, and then, create a new campaign by clicking on the plus icon, from the top right corner.

Give your campaign a unique subject and description.

Now, let us move on to the next step, which is Creating Tags.

STEP 2: Adding Tags. 

Tags are nothing but a group of contacts. Tags basically help you to categorize contacts in your phone book. 

To add a tag to your campaign, firstly, Click on Add tag button, from here.

Now, if you are looking to target any existing tags, then you can select them from here.

And if you want, you can even create a new tag from here itself.

To create a new tag, click on “Create New Tag” and then, give your tag a unique name. Now, write a brief description of what this tag is about.

Add Tag name and description for a new tag.

Once done, click on the Save button.

To add a contact to any new or existing tags, click on the tag on which you want to add contacts.

And Then, click on the 3 dots from the top right corner.

Now, click on Add Contacts, to add contacts in this tag. As soon as you click on Add contacts, the Contact module will open.

Now, long press on one number, and then, select as many contacts that you want to add in this tag.

And at last, select this label icon from the top right corner.

As soon as you click there, all the contacts you selected, will get added to your tag.

Now, let’s move on to the next step, which is CREATING TEMPLATES

STEP 3 : Adding Templates & setting intervals.

Templates are basically, the messages you are planning to send.

Now, tap on the select template, to select your template Message.

From here, you can select any existing templates, As well as, you can create a new template from here itself.

To create a new template, click on the “Create New Template” option from here.

Now, select the template type for your template. Select template type as WhatsApp. To send this template as a Whatsapp message to your target contacts.

Now, you can either type your message content here directly, or you can also copy-paste the content from anywhere else.

You can also use variables, to fetch names or other details, from the contact details to send personalized messages. 

Once you are done writing the message content, click on save

Now, click on this newly created template, to use it within your campaign.

In the same manner, you can select as many existing templates within your campaign. At the same time, you can create as many new templates from this section.

Once you are done selecting, all the templates for your campaign. It’s time to set the intervals between all the template messages.

Here, if you set the interval as Zero, for the first message, then this particular template message will be prepared to send, on the day you set the campaign live

Further, if you set the interval for your next message as 2, then, this second message will get prepared to send after 2 days, from the day you set the campaign live. 

So, as per your requirement, you can set the interval of days between the messages.

Now to set the campaign live, first click on set live

And then, click on Ok.

Now, soon you will get a notification that your messages are prepared to send.

Step 4 : Sending generated messages.

To send the generated messages, open the message module of Sampark Setu.

As soon as you will open it, you will see a list of all the generated messages. Now, in order to send the generated WhatsApp messages, you will have to click on this play button icon.

These set parameters help you send messages through Automation

To give you a brief idea here, “Numbers of messages to send”, is basically the total number of messages, which will be sent in a single run.

The set interval time in seconds here, keeps that much time interval between two consecutive messages.

You can also create batches if you want.

After one batch of messages gets sent, the automation will pause the campaign for a set time, and then, it will automatically resume the process.

It will continue pausing and resuming the campaign until all the messages get delivered.

Now from here, click on the “Start button”. 

Now, one by one, all your messages will be sent through automation.

So, these were the 4 steps through which you can send messages to intended contacts, via the campaign feature of sampark setu.

If you find any difficulties, while creating a campaign in sampark setu, click on this Chat button from here, and get immediate support from our team.