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Definitive Guide to WhatsApp Campaigns

WhatsApp Campaigns are undoubtedly, one of the best means for creating long-lasting relationships with your Customers & Prospects.

WhatsApp Campaigns not just help with building stronger relationships, but are also very useful for keeping your customer and prospects engaged with your brand.

And a lasting relationship and a good engagement ultimately bring revenue to your business. When I say WhatsApp Campaign, I don’t mean Sending a random Message to random people on random occasions.

How is WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns different from WhatsApp Messaging?

A regular WhatsApp Messaging is a very informal approach to reaching people which requires little or no planning, and it can be done simply through WhatsApp Messenger (Which requires no other tools).

Then What is, a WhatsApp Marketing Campaign?

WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

WhatsApp Marketing Campaign is a formal approach of reaching customers and prospects, which requires a good amount of pre-planning and to do WhatApp marketing campaigns, you require a dedicated WhatsApp Campaign Tool or WhatsApp Campaign Softwares.

Now this question might have come to your mind, why do we need a WhatsApp Campaign tool or software for this? 

Why do we need a tool to manage WhatsApp Campaign?

Well, WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns works on the philosophy of “Drip Marketing”. 

Drip Marketing is nothing but Sending a “Set of Messages” to a “Set of People” over a “Set Interval of Days”.

I know, you need further explanation on this.

WhatsApp Marketing Campaign is not just about sending one message to the target audience. It’s about reaching the target audience on a regular basis. 

When I say on a regular basis, I don’t mean sending the same message every single day until the person responds. (It’s called Spamming and people may start reporting your number).

The Sequential messages that you are sending have to be different and should be sent on a planned interval of days.

Your messages should convey a meaningful story. And a story can not be conveyed properly if it is not conveyed in proper sequence hence planning is required.

And to manage all this, you require a WhatsApp Campaign tool or Software.

I am sure this question must have come to your mind: “Can’t we manage campaigns through WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business Messenger.”

Well, WhatsApp Messenger by default has two features to reach a group of people in a short period: WhatsApp Groups and WhatsApp Broadcast.
Both these features, though. fulfills the purpose of reaching a large audience, but is very ineffective.

Why WhatsApp Groups and WhatsApp Broadcast are Ineffective?

To send a set of sequential messages, to a set target audience in a set interval of days and that too through basic features of WhatsApp is a very complex task.

Watch this video and know why WhatsApp groups and WhatsApp broadcasts are ineffective?.

If the audience you are targeting is small, then you might be able to manage through WhatsApp messenger. 

But of course, you will have to manage everything Manually. 
The WhatsApp Campaign Tools are designed to handle all the work through Automation.

Now you must be thinking, Managing Campaigns and setting this automation must be a really tough or complex task. Well, It’s basically a 4 step process. 

Create Campaign in 4 Simple Steps using Sampark Setu

Creating a campaign inside sampark setu is a 4 Step process. All you have to decide is “Target Audience”, “The Sequential Messages” and the “Interval Between this Set Sequential Messages”. It is that simple.

See how you can create campaigns inside Sampark Setu.

Creating a campaign inside the Sampark setu is easy, but deciding what to send in a WhatsApp campaign could possibly be a challenging task for a lot of people. 
The tool only eases your work through Automation. But the thinking part cannot be automated or managed through tools.

What should be your first WhatsApp campaign?

If you too are struggling to create your first campaign. 

And if you have questions like, what message should we send? How many messages should be there in the first campaign? Then watch the below video. 

Creating a Self introduction Campaign

Here is another campaign idea, if you frequently attend business expos and meetings. 

If you are a frequent business expo attender, then you must be meeting new people on a frequent basis.

Now usually when business people meet at such expos or events,  they exchange contacts. 

You can put these contacts into use, by creating a self introduction campaign.

But, how do you create a self introduction campaign? What messages should be included in these campaigns? 

To get all the answers, watch this video.

Need more examples for your Marketing Campaigns? Don’t go anywhere. Read the next section. 

WhatsApp Campaign Examples, which you can use for WhatsApp Marketing.

This is the section where you will get most of the ideas for your WhatsApp Campaigns. 

I have one video, where I have discussed some WhatsApp Campaign ideas, which you can use within your whatsApp Marketing Campaigns.

Now,  if you have already tried, all the ideas that have been mentioned in the above video. 

Then for you I have one more video that can work as a “Campaign Idea Generator”.

How to generate ideas for WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

To get the ideas for content, you should Call At Least 25 Existing customers of yours and ask them “Why they bought your Product”. 

Now you must be thinking, how is this question relevant, how can it help in getting ideas for WhatsApp campaigns? 

Watch the below video and get all the answers. 

I personally have been using this technique to get a lot of ideas for my WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns. 

There is another technique that I use very frequently, to get the most out of my WhatsApp Marketing Campaign. i.e. Sharing my own recorded video.

Recording your own video (yourself) for a WhatsApp Campaign

Have you ever thought of recording your video and sending it to clients and prospects? If you haven’t tried it yet, I think you should consider making one.

Believe me, it’s way more powerful than anything.

Now if you have questions like, How to shoot video? What Mistakes to avoid? What Should be the length of the video?

Here is the answer to your all questions,

While doing WhatsApp Marketing campaigns you might find yourself in a situation, where although you are using the right tool and a great Marketing content, still you are not getting any response from the people. 

If you have been in this situation, then read the below section. 

Why your WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns are not getting any response. 

You are more likely to receive a response from your Marketing campaign if your target audience connects with your Message content. 

If the content is irrelevant for them, they would more likely ignore your content or may report your number. 

So, How do you know whether you have targeted the right audience with the right content?

Watch this video and know how you can re-confirm whether your message has reached the right audience.

how to make sure that your message always reaches relevant audiences?

To assure this, you must follow a practice of grouping your mobile contacts into different groups. 

Through Sampark setu’s tag feature, you can create a group of contacts. 

This grouping of contacts will allow you to target the right set of contacts(group) with relevant Messages. 

A lot of people come to me and ask what should be the interval between two consecutive messages of the campaign? 

If you had a similar question in mind, then you must read the next section.

What should be the interval or frequency of your WhatsApp Messages in campaign?

When you send messages to the same person on a daily basis, they may get Annoyed. And possibly, they may report your number, Which could lead to banning of your number. .

So what should be the frequency of your message, how often you should connect with your audience? What should be the interval between the campaign messages? . 

Watch this video and get all the answers.

Now the above video talks about the interval, but how many messages should be sent in a single day, what is the safe limit to not get your number banned. 

Read the below section to get the answers. 

How many messages should be sent on a daily basis?

There is no such thing as message limits when it comes to sending messages on whatsApp. 

WhatsApp has nowhere mentioned the message limits. 

But then why does whatsApp ban numbers if anyone tries sending messages in bulk? 

There is one concept of warming up a Whatsapp number. Those who don’t follow it, pay the price of getting their number banned. 

To Understand the concept of WhatsApp number warm-up, Watch the below video.

A successful Whatsapp Campaigns are those campaigns which are targeted to the right audiences at the right time of day.   

So what is the right time to send messages? Read the below section.

What is the best time of the day to send WhatsApp campaigns?

No matter how nicely you have written the messages, if it hasn’t been sent at the right time, you wouldn’t see any results.

So what is the right time for sending messages? Watch the below video and get all the answers.

Now can we follow the same approach on festival days?

I believe, We should never send WhatsApp (Greetings) Campaigns on festivals. Read the next section to know why.

Never Send WhatsApp (Greetings) campaigns on festivals

In the previous section, I had discussed, “What is the best time to send whatsApp Campaigns? 

On festival days, you must have noticed, that even though we target the right audience with the right message, even at the right time of day, we don’t get as many responses as we get on normal days.

Now this is because people receive so many festive greetings at festivals from their friends and colleagues.

And not to forget, they are also being targeted by various brands.

So what should we do? How do we engage with our target audience on festival days? How do we stand out from other brands?.

Watch the below video and get all the answers.

Now a lot of people ask me, “can i allocate the task of WhatsApp Campaigning to my assistant?” Would there be any impact on results,  if my assistant manages it and not me”.

In my view, you shouldn’t give the responsibility of Managing Sampark Setu to your assistant. Read the below section to know why?

Why shouldn’t you give the responsibility of Managing WhatsApp Campaigns to your Assistant?

Ideally, you being a business owner, you should take the responsibility of designing and creating template content for your marketing campaigns.

Creating and designing the template content for your business requires thinking, and it is you, who knows your business better than anyone else in your company.

But there are certain scenarios where you could allocate the work to your assistant.

Watch the below video and know “What Part of WhatsApp Marketing Campaign you can allocate to your assistant”

A lot of people ask me, “Should we use our old number for WhatsApp Marketing Campaign or should we get a new number”.

Well, the obvious answer to this question is, you should always use the old number for your campaign”. To know why to read the below section.

Why you shouldn’t use a new number for WhatsApp Campaign?

You should always do a WhatsApp Campaign with your existing WhatsApp number which is popular/known among your customers. 

If you do a WhatsApp Campaign through any New Number which is not known to your customer, the chances of them reacting or responding to your message would be very less.

Watch the below video and understand in detail, Why you shouldn’t use a new number for WhatsApp Campaign?

So that’s it for our “Definitive guide to WhatsApp Campaign”. If you find this article helpful please do let me know in the comments area, I would be happy to read them.


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